Payroll, W2/W3, 1099-Misc



We make it easy for small businesses to process Payroll ontime, everytime. We streamline the Payroll process and you improve on your productivity & administration. We manage the time consuming and boring tasks so that you can focus on the revenue of your business. 




  • Contact EDD and get your Payroll Account No.
  • Set-up the Employees for Payroll
  • Run the Payroll for you per your schedule

Weekly / Bi-Weekly / Fortnightly / Monthly / Quarterly / Annual

  • Print Checks or Direct Deposits into Employee's Account
  • e-Mail Pay-stubs to Employees
  • Timely payment of Payroll Taxes to IRS / EDD
  • Prepare Periodic Payroll Tax Returns and submit to IRS / EDD

  • Prepare year end W2/W3 and file them with SSA / IRS

  • Identify the contractors and issue W-9 to them
  • Enter Tax information of each contractor from W-9
  • Prepare year end 1099-Misc, 1096 and file them with IRS



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